Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Sticker Bush Execution

Stickers hide everywhere.  You don't see them until they penetrate the tender, meaty part of your finger, just as you grip whatever woodsy item you're after with all your might, or some similar situation.  Then, it's too late.

The rest of the next few days or weeks you'll be feeling that little bump under your skin.  That is, unless you get fed up, and dig it out.  Or, it gets infected and you have to dig it out.

Today, while doing yard work, several of them kept stabbing or slicing at me.  At a certain point, I'd had enough.  After excising the whole spiny, stabby weeds from the earth, they weren't tossed in the pile with the other greenery being removed; they were separated and placed in a row...  A Death Row.  

The lawnmower did a good job of chewing them up while I rolled over them.  I was trash talking the whole while.  It felt good.