Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Easy Way Out

Logical reaction is hard.  Emotional reaction seems easier.  Logic requires calm, time and reason.  Emotion makes you immediately feel better.  There's a long term cost, though.

Primarily, when logic is ignored, this ignorance has likely made it impossible to identify the root cause of an issue.  By failing to identify it, the issue continues to grow.  Soon, the bubble created is too unwieldy to control.

Of course, when the bubble bursts, one can still react out of emotion instead of logic, escaping facing the truth of a situation, at least temporarily.   At some point, though, there will be a logical reckoning, regardless of how emotional anyone feels about it.  Depending on how large the issue, and how long it's been put off by emotional diversion, the ramifications could be very severe.

To avoid this, apply logic as soon as possible.

Remember, though, the moment you apply logic you will be branded an enemy by the emotional.  That can create an issue where the obvious logic of a situation is ignored to prevent confrontation with the emotional.  Another reason why emotion is easier than logic.