Sunday, October 23, 2022

Z Nation

Watching the world connect the dots can be immeasurably frustrating.  Consensus dictates a line now goes between two dots that have never, and never should, connect, while factually connected points have their lines inexplicably erased, with no concern for the consequences... or even the impression that consequences exist.  It's as if there's a subculture of idiocy existing only to further itself.

The term 'zombie' comes to mind.  That's probably a bit harsh, but not wholly inaccurate.  Mindless droning, following the 'herd', unthinking and indiscriminately destructive behavior... sounds close enough.

Frights fill the eyes this time of year.  Monsters and dimly lit haunts invade the imagination.  While television and media fill themselves with scary movies and other manufactured terrors, the real horror stalks the streets.