Saturday, September 03, 2022

The Tide Rolls

College football's already here.  The team I've pulled for my whole life, the Alabama Crimson Tide, play tonight.  They're currently destroying the Utah State Aggies.

Bama played their first game 130 years ago.  What they played didn't really resemble the 'football' played today.  That seems like a very long time ago, since anyone alive then you could ask for confirmation would be long dead, now.  Although, my Grandfather was already 2 years old when they played that game.  I don't think he'd have had any memory of it.  I strongly doubt it was a topic of discussion in any news at the time, at any rate.

My father attended Alabama in the mid-50s and my oldest sister in the mid-80s.  Everyone in the family are Alabama fans.  My Mother wasn't big on football.  I believe she thought it was too violent, though she never tried to stop me from watching or listening to it.

I was about 9 or 10 when Bear Bryant died.  I can still remember hearing it on the news, getting up from the floor in front of the TV in the den, slowly walking to my room to put a pillow over my head so I could cry.  

That would begin a long dry spell at the Capstone.  That dry spell's over, though.  Been over for a while.

The game's back from halftime.  Have a great weekend.  Roll Tide!