Friday, September 02, 2022

I Remember When It Hurt

Earlier, I put some jalapenos on a pizza I was making.  When the pizza was baked, I used the same fork I'd pulled the peppers out with to hold the pizza as I cut it.  Before tossing the plastic fork, I popped it in my mouth to get all the pizza goodness off of it before it found it's way into the trash.

It was at that moment I was reminded of a habit from my youth.  I used to get the canning jar that held pickled peppers, once the peppers were all gone, and would repeatedly jab a fork down into it to slurp the pepper juice off of it.  That tingle on my tongue was sublime.

My forehead is sweating just thinking about it.

I didn't use a spoon.  That would've been too much.  The tines on a fork delivered just the right amount of heat. 

Then, again, I was a kid who drank A1 Sauce... Childhood is weird.  Without it, though, we wouldn't have nostalgia for pain.