Thursday, September 01, 2022

Hot, Green and Bug-Bitten

20 years ago, just after buying the house, I'd cut grass on Thursday night to have the weekend for myself.  It was usually dark enough to need the headlights on the 22hp Craftsman riding mower before getting finished.  I remember trying to get done in time to watch something or other on TV.

Now, if I try to cut on Thursday, I might get 2/3 done.  That's without about an acre I let grow up, a fast zero-turn to cut with and starting about an hour earlier.  I don't go until dark, anymore.  

For one thing, the zero-turn has no headlights.  Experience taught me the pitfalls of cutting dew-laden grass, as well.  The bugs don't help, either.

It's 2/3 done, though.  Maybe it'll be dry enough for an hour or so to finish this weekend.  Maybe not.