Saturday, April 23, 2022

Mower Meditations

A lot of crawdad chimneys were destroyed, today.  Different types of soil in the yard were discernible by the color of the chimney.  Up near the road, the mower chopped down gray and brown chimneys.  By the driveway, they were orange clay.  I ran over dark black topsoil chimneys down in the bottom where the leaves and other organic matter get washed, and the soil is rich. 

Getting the yard cut takes several hours.  Against my wishes, my mind takes trips.  Along with the normal things from everyday to think about, there are also memories of previous years' cutting.  

Having lived in this house for 22 years, there are plenty of mowing memories.  There are also memories of what I thought about while cutting grass over the years.  It's meta, I guess.

Lots of thoughts have helped pass the time cutting the lawn over the years.  Plans were made for too many things that never happened while riding around in wide circles on that grass.  Sometimes there were things that bothered me I'd try to work out.

Things that worried and taxed my mind now seem like a waste of energy.  Realizing that should make current concerns seem a little less burdensome.  Somehow, it doesn't.