Friday, March 25, 2022

Chopping Flowers

Killed a bunch of wildflowers, today.  It wouldn't really be fair to call it "cutting grass," as there was very little actual grass getting cut.  The weeds were thick.  They clumped up, even though I didn't cut until the heat of the afternoon.

Water still stands from all the recent rain.  The mower almost got stuck, once, but managed to maneuver its way out.  Muddy, curvy tire tracks mark the spot.

I think I only ran over one crawdad chimney.  Seems like there are usually more by this time of year.  The standing water wasn't roiling when I rode by.  I suspect it may still be too cool for them.

It'd be nice to have this kind of weather to cut the grass all year.  It'd also be nice if that late summer bahia grass was as easy to cut as wildflowers.  This'll probably be the easiest cut all year.