Thursday, March 10, 2022


A hawk almost dive-bombed me on the way home.  His wings were tucked by his side.  As he passed my windshield, he rolled to face me.  Missing by only a few feet, he disappeared into the tall grass by the road.

The day before, several buzzards stood in the road.  They were spread out across the highway, so I couldn't swerve to avoid them.  All but one of them began flapping their wings and easily cleared my vehicle.  The last one jumped and flapped his wings just as I got to him.  I don't know how I didn't hit him.  He couldn't have missed my windshield by more than a few inches.

Tuesday morning, I walked out into the garage and was almost immediately orbited by a small bird.  It flew in circles, flapping wildly around my head.  I ducked and rushed to my vehicle, quickly entering and shutting the door.  As I pulled out, I could see it still circling inside the garage.

Spring being around the corner must have something to do with it.  Critters get all wired up this time of year.  The ones with wings are showing out, apparently.