Friday, February 11, 2022


You know you need to clean your screen when you can't tell the dots above the 'i's from specks of dust.  At that point, if you take it out in the sunlight, you'll want to burn it.  Well, you'll at least want to clean it.

You know you've got to stop thinking about something when you find yourself slapping your forehead on a regular basis.  Sometimes you've got to change your course to keep from cursing under your breath.  No matter how badly you want to keep going that way, you've got to go another way.  

Those breathtaking, but dangerously small, paths overlooking some natural wonder provide amazing views, but there's a chance you'll get distracted and fall over the edge.  Straight and narrow ain't always the best way.  Sometimes you take the detour, for sanity's sake.