Monday, January 03, 2022

Going Broke Printing Money

Everything's getting so expensive.  There's been so much currency created, lately, that it no longer takes keen observation skills (if it ever really did) to see that what's in everybody's wallet, paycheck or bank account is being devalued on a massive scale.  When you see different products go up several percent every time you go to the store, you know something's not right.

I'm not that old, but I can remember when the money supply numbered less than a trillion dollars.  Prior to 2020, the supply never inflated by a trillion dollars in a single year.  2008 had been the largest inflation of currency, during the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac debacle and the bailout of all the super-rich banksters.  As much as that hurt, it was still an increase of less than a trillion a year. 

 In 2020, alone, the supply went up by $4 trillion.  

There's no way you can regulate the negative effects that's going to have on the pocketbook of the average American.  They've played with the supply since before World War I, creating the Great Depression and setting boom and bust cycles.  The claim is that they can control the extent of the busts by controlling the supply, but their busts have always been worse than the way our money was before they started trying.

Hopefully, government money creation will be slowed before things spin out of control.  It used to be that a Hundred Dollar Bill was a lot of money.  If those guys don't get their act together, it won't be long before a 'Benjamin' won't get you a dollar's worth of anything.