Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Be Careful

Be careful when attempting to implement rules which seem to override laws previously enacted to prohibit such rules.  The original law might've been encated to prevent imposing rules to coerce people to do things which would violate their human rights, or the human rights of others.  If not evaluated closely enough, they may create the danger of prosecution for those who would enforce the rule. 

History is full of those who believed they were fully within the law as they violated the human rights of others.  They were assured by those in power that they would never be prosecuted for engaging in or encouraging what had been, up to that time, a recognizably illegal violation of human rights.  When the government changed hands again, however, they were held fully complicit for the violations in which they took part.

The bottom line is that you should know what's right and wrong.  Doing wrong, whether legal or illegal, is still wrong.  Deluding yourself into believing you're doing right, just because the current prosecuting entity chooses to say it's so, can very well result in prosecution in the future.