Thursday, November 11, 2021

Out of Sync

I just synchronized several of my quartz watches.  Quartz timepieces are supposed to be more accurate than the most expensive automatic or hand-wound watches.  I'm going to look at them in a few days and see if they've gotten out of sync.

Time changing made me reset my watch, today.  When I did, I noticed the second hands on several of my quartz watches weren't together.  That seemed a bit suspect.  I set them to the second with the clock at work.  Unless the clock at work varies, these watches are getting out of time.

None of them are very expensive.  One of them is a Walmart special.  Still, I'd be surprised to find them all off.  I believe I may have set one or two of them to PC time, which might explain it.  My little experiment should eliminate the possibility that aren't running properly, though.