Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Best Laid Plans and Blisters

Grass cutting can be cathartic.  It can also ^&*#ing suck.

This afternoon was the latter.  It didn't begin that way.  "Less than an hour to knock that last little bit out", I thought.  I was wrong.

A small, yet, apparently fairly sturdy, stick found its way into the deck belt pulleys.  It wasn't heard as much as smelled.  Before I could figure out why it smelled as though someone was burning trash under my seat, the belt 'yeeted'.

Friction creates heat.  Heat transfers to skin pretty easily.  Reaching down to remove said stick, I was reminded of this.  The brand new blister on my finger now reminds me of this, as well.

Got the belt back on.  It was nicked as it was ejected by the still rapidly spinning pulleys and will need to be replaced.  Restarted the thing, which now makes an awful whir.  

Afraid of the belt breaking, for which I currently have no spare, I took my time.  Two hours after starting, I'm done.