Sunday, June 27, 2021

Thinking about Doing Stuff

Sunday sipping on a cup of coffee delivers a satisfaction most likely undeserved.  The morning holds promise.  Ideas of potential achievements tease dopamine.

A screened-in porch would be a good project, were it not for the fact that lumber now threatens to challenge precious metals in cost.  That, and the fact that I'd much rather build up by the creek than spend to improve where I currently live.

Life has the conundrums.  A decent job means you can afford to do some larger projects.  However, having a job means there is very little time for those big projects.  Not having a job would make plenty of time for projects, but no income to finance them.

Rambling on, there.  

Everyone notices what seems to affect them.  We don't always notice what may have an effect on others.  Figuring that out is probably something leading to nirvana.

That and coffee.