Thursday, February 25, 2021

Weekday Jealousy

Isn't it sad that every weekday can't be as anticipated as Friday?  Monday gets such a bad rap.  Wednesday has the distinction of being called "hump".  Tuesday and Thursday are all but invisible.

Sure, there are those with work schedules precluding Friday the possibility of being the most favorable day of the work week, but most blue-collar work schedules include Fridays as the last day of the week on a regular basis, if not every week.  Friday bridges the gap between all ilks.  Anyone who's ever knocked the skin off of their knuckles for a living can understand another person who says, "At least it's Friday."  

Friday can even give the weekend a run for its money.  Friday promises 2 days AND nights composed of whatever anyone wants to do.  Even Saturday can't promise that.

It would be nice to get up on a Thursday morning and say, "All right!  It's Thursday!" with no sarcasm in your voice.  If you can do that, I don't trust you.  Pretty much the only thing good about the other days of the week is that they get you one day closer to Friday.