Friday, February 26, 2021


Everything's temporary.  I hate how philosophical that sounds.  It's not.  The fact that everything is impermanent is an empirical observation.  

Axl Rose knew 30 years ago.  There's no metaphysical aspect.  Cells have a lifespan.

Yeah, some atoms will still be around trillions of years from now.  We won't, though.  Even the things that make it the length of a human life span will be altered to the point of being almost unrecognizable.

That sounds cold and hard.  Maybe it is.  Maybe not.

When I die, I'm going to try and come back.  No matter how good, bad, or nonexistent the afterlife, I want to let someone know.  If you see me after I die, hopefully a LONG time from now, know that I'm trying to let you know about the great beyond... not scare you to death.