Sunday, February 28, 2021

Disappearing Days

How is it already Sunday?  There's something wrong with time.  What have you done to it?

Saturday appears to have disappeared.  I know it happened... No evidence exists, though, so I guess I have to admit it didn't.

I'm sitting here, watching George Stibitz, Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, et. al.,  lecture a very modern-looking crowd in the 1960s about the early days of computing.  You can still see the excitement on their faces, although aged 6 or 7 decades.  The world changed dramatically in their years, but I bet they wondered where the years went.

My grandfather, born in 1890, saw humanity go from horse and buggy to the moon in his lifetime.  The technology of the day was still steam and pocket watches when he reached adulthood.  There was talk of this magical technology called 'electricity', though.  

As an aside, my father tells me the story of one of his uncles who had the first electric lights in the area, powered by homemade wet-cell batteries.  My great-grandparents' house had no electricity.  Nor did it have running water.

Even though my grandfather lived through all of those technological changes, I can remember my grandparents, in their 90s, talking about how it seemed only yesterday that they were children, playing with their siblings.  You would think this would make it seem like life had been long and filled with enough new things to differentiate eras to the point of making time seem to have been longer.  Apparently that's not how it works.

Digressing, Saturdays are entirely too short.  I bet Sunday will be just as short.  I've no idea what to do about it, either.