Thursday, November 19, 2020

Who's that Kid?

During the Zeta power/cable/internet outage, I took the opportunity to go through some things stored in furniture I haven't really gone through in a few decades.  Among the items was an old photo album containing a school picture from each year, from K through 12.  I swear I didn't recognize that kid until the last couple of years.

My Kindergarten and 3rd Grade pictures looked almost the same:

3rd Grade


I had a few of the other pictures on this post, but I figured I'd spare you and delete them.  The last 3 years I refused to get my hair cut before school started. The hair was rare, to say the least.  

Click here to see my goofy Junior year picture, if you must.  Believe it or not, after 30 years, I still have that shirt.  I have no idea why.  I can't find stuff from yesterday, but in the back of my closet is a 30+ year old shirt.