Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Joys of Clickity Keyboarding

It's so much easier to type on an actual keyboard.  That little phone deal wasn't cutting it.  Maybe folks who text all day don't have an issue with using that thing, but I do.  Auto-correcting, double-typing letters, and just being almost useless made me hate it.  There's been more than one occasion in the last couple of weeks where my phone was lucky not to be yeeted into oblivion from frustration.

This little detachable tablet keyboard isn't great... but it's so much better than a phone.  Yeah, I still have to re-type things that it didn't pick up... especially punctuation.  There's something so much better about a physical keyboard, though, even a smaller scale one.  I can use all my fingers instead of being all thumbs.

I don't like typing, but typing this has been enjoyable after using that phone.  I'm sure I'm exaggerating.  Doesn't seem like it right now, though.