Saturday, November 07, 2020

Family Ties


Took my Dad on a family trip to south Alabama, today.  He's been wanting to visit his old homeplace since early this year, but health concerns and weather managed to put things off until now.  After several months, everything finally came together, and we were able to get the whole family together for the trip.

We first visited the place he was born, Nicholsville.  He was actually born on the county line. His grandparents' house, in which he was born, was literally next door to his parents', but in a different county.

We managed to find his Grandparents' graves, as well as the graves of dozens of cousins and kinfolks with last names like Walker, Hawk and Hare.  Mamaw's people were all buried in Bashi Cemetery near Choctaw Corner.  Papaw's folks were a few miles down the road.

For a late lunch, we ate some David's Catfish.  Our waitress, Mary Jane, managed to talk me into key lime pie after stuffing us with fish, coleslaw, and cheese grits.  My belly is swollen.

It was a good day.  We saw a snake and a lizard. Daddy kept commenting about all the hurricane damage.  We all laughed a lot.