Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Voids, Nonsense and Sleep

What isn't seen can say more than a thousand words. Statistically speaking, when expected data isn't observed, an anomaly has occurred. Not seeing a hit in the data from an expected source, while observing occasional hits from other sources, is an anomaly screaming for an explanation. Interpreting the holes in data can paint a better picture than direct observation.

Nonsense makes sense the same way.

Someday, sleeping all day will be okay, again. Youth can do it, as can old age. Middle age isn't allowed.

I don't know if I could, anyway. The mind and body probably wouldn't cooperate. There's no opportunity, either.

Sleep finds me at night easier than it did in youth. For some reason, though, it now hides after waking. The exhaustion of old age seems pretty close, but may be impossibly far away.