Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Redeeming Communication

Telling fact from fiction is becoming increasingly difficult. No sources of information are very trustworthy. Knee-jerk reactions based on bad information rule the day.

Too many think anyone who would disagree with them must be so wrong that they don't deserve the right to express their opinions. Speak something against whatever group-think is prevalent, be beaten either into submission, or to death. That cognitive dissonance is a hard thing to overcome.

Redemption is no longer allowed. The evil are only allowed to be seen as evil. There's no talking someone else into your point of view; just yell at them until they're dead or gone.

If anything about our current times scare me, it's not protesters, diseases or deadly bugs... it's the wholesale abandonment of empathy. No one is capable of putting themselves in the shoes of someone they don't like, anymore. There's no way to save the future without communication and empathy.