Sunday, June 21, 2020

Ramble on Fathers and Their Day

In 1972, Father's Day officially became an American holiday. Lyndon Johnson proclaimed it in 1966, but the codification of the day wasn't finalized until it was signed into law 6 years later. According to Wikipedia, the first Father's Day can be dated to 1910.

Both of my Grandfathers predated Father's Day. My father already had 2 children before the law. Weird how these celebrations seem to be so traditional, yet they're relatively new.

I've held off on trying to have kids until I knew I'd provide well for them, and have a happy, loving family for them to join. That may never happen. I'm getting long in the tooth.

Most of us should probably be thankful that our Father's didn't overthink that too much. We probably wouldn't be here. I know I'm very lucky and grateful to have my Dad.

Sadly, I hear about a lot of fathers, in recent years, that are not much more than sperm donors. I'm glad I was born before that became so common. I'd hate to be that kind of father.

More current observations make it seem that being a good father may not always be very rewarding. I know I probably haven't been the best example of a son, and a lot of kids, now, make me look like I was a great kid, by comparison. Why would a man purposely subject himself to that?

Be grateful for your good Father or Father of your child. They seem to be getting scarce. I felt very blessed and thankful when I wished my Father a Happy Father's Day, today.