Thursday, October 03, 2019

You Look Crazy and Weird

What is it with dancing? It's the kind of thing you do as a kid when you're happy, but makes adults look ridiculous. Watching Fame as a kid, that kind of stuff seemed cool. Watch the same exact episode as an adult, and all that prancing and dancing around looks...

Need an example? Look at Soul Train or some other dancing show from back in the childhood days. See how goofy they look, now? That's exactly what people think about adults dancing. Rude awakening, ain't it?

Still, though, when you see a burger commercial, folks are dancing. Clothing commercial? All sorts of rhythmic body movement, of course. Kids are floppin' around on phone commercials, grinnin' like possums chewin' briars.

The term 'kids' is used loosely. Most of the dancers appear nearly middle-aged; they're just dressed like kids. So creepy.

Let the kids dance. No Mayor from Footloosetown is going to shut down your house party. Heck, if you're an adult, go ahead and dance. Just remember, though: you do look like an idiot.