Wednesday, July 03, 2019

More Praise of Food

Food is so readily available. Good food, too. Thank God.

It's amazing. Sure, maybe some of us eat too much of it. That's a matter of self-control, though, not the availability of the food. Times of plenty have been vastly outnumbered throughout history. This time should be enjoyed.

There are people willing to prepare food for you at almost any time. They'll serve it to you with a smile. Yes, you'll pay a small premium for that service, but most of us can drive very short distances to find food products we can prepare for ourselves, as well. The low cost, high quality and widespread distribution of sustenance has never been at this level.

It makes you feel good. Satisfying hunger is just the beginning. It lifts your mood. There is very little in life that makes you feel as good as a full belly.