Thursday, July 04, 2019

May God Have Mercy

Two hundred and forty-three years ago a bunch of guys, who'd had enough, signed their names to a document declaring themselves no longer subject to the tyranny imposed upon them. A lot of them were murdered for their insolence. Many of their families were tortured and killed, their homes burned and razed.

The things against which they rebelled would seem silly to the modern American. Most wouldn't bat an eye at a new tax. Doubtless they'd attribute it to the 'greater good'. Another liberty snatched away? It's to keep us safe.

Most don't even know how they're represented or the ratio to which they're allegedly so. Still, they would cheer for some rhetorical nonsense seeming to promise something they want or agree with. Truth told, the only reason they want or agree with it is because, through some propaganda, they've been told to do so.

So throw some food on the grill. Decorate everything in the colors of the flag. Play patriotic songs. Then, pray for mercy.