Saturday, July 06, 2019

Buy Bye

I'm not a collector. A lot of people collect things. It's interesting to see some of their collections. It's just not for me, though.

I've always had just one of a thing. My tastes border on utilitarian. It'll always be something I need. For these reasons, I want to try and take care of it.

Also, for the same reasons, it takes a while for me to find what I want. It's hard for me to forgive myself when I get something that doesn't last, or, worst of all, I somehow fail to properly care for it. Before I get it, I want to make absolutely certain I need it and that I'll be capable of it's proper upkeep.

Then, there are times that I just see what I want and make an impulse buy. That's how I usually buy cars. Probably a bad decision, but it's worked out pretty good, so far.