Sunday, June 30, 2019

Not as Shocking as It Could Have Been

A noise in the night makes once sleeping eyes pop open. Rolling over in bed, tired eyes can't seem to find the alarm clock. The power is off.

Rub eyes to aid in focusing enough for flashlight finding. On go the crocks. Pull on a pair of shorts.

First, navigate to the utility room and check fuses. They look good. None blown.

Next, go outside, where the power line comes into the house, and check the breakers. It's raining. Get wet.

Look at the breakers. All good. None tripped.

Phone is charged. That's good. Call the power company and report the outage.

Alabama Power company comes right away. The power line appears to have been down between the pole and house, where the power comes into the house. Power is restored.

Notice that the internet is no longer working. Walk back around the house to where the power line comes into the house and almost trip over the cable line. Call ISP and set up appointment for service to get the cable restrung.

Go to bed. Wake up in cold sweat. Realize you were walking around a downed power line in the dark in the rain.