Tuesday, May 28, 2019


If you don't get something you want, people are wont to tell you to sell yourself better. Didn't get the job? You didn't sell yourself right. Didn't convince people to help you achieve your social goals? You didn't sell yourself enough. Truth is a victim of hype.

For me, the idea of "selling myself" seems a bit distasteful. Maybe not for others, but at least for me. When some people sell themselves, it can be entertaining. For them, it's ok. I'd probably never buy into them, but there is some value to it, even if it's only for amusement. Personally, it feels like someone should do their due diligence, though. It feels a bit lazy to rely on people to "sell themselves" to you.

Request what you want to know. People tend to volunteer information if they know it'll help. There are some basic things you should expect, but you shouldn't just expect people to throw out all of their information, churched up a bit, to try and make a sale.

To the contrary, if you "sell yourself", stretching the truth, you might find yourself being resented for presenting yourself as something you're not. That may be why some folks want you to "sell yourself"... so they can have a person to blame when a situation goes sideways. People won't have a problem with blaming you if they suspect you're a liar.

There's always a little distrust associated with people who are good at selling themselves. If they're willing to stretch the truth, now, to get what they want, they'll most assuredly stretch it further, later. Then, it might not be in your best interests.