Sunday, May 26, 2019

Just for You

We'll allow ourselves to share a lot of things we discover. One might even say we share most things with others. We share our movie preferences. We'll share a good book we've read. We'll even share some of our guiltiest pleasures.

Some things, though, we simply have to enjoy by keeping to ourselves. These feel too personal. Even if created by someone else, long ago, for reasons we'll never know, these are the things we don't share.

An erudite explanation fails to make its presence known. It's yours... it was somehow meant for you and only you. Violating all rules of logic, you know that some tiny part of the universe is created and claimed just for you.

You know there's not even a remote possibility that someone may see too deeply if they're able to examine your private, secret discovery. There's no good reason to not share. Still, you don't. Deeply hidden, protected like a loved one, it gives you something to have and a reason for hope.