Sunday, May 19, 2019

Everlasting Limbic

Words written on the world wide web can't be burned at will. Depending on resourcefulness, they can be limited. They can be tracked. They can even be altered. They can't, however, be removed wholesale.

Somewhere, in ions written, they exist forever. Again, with resourcefulness, they can be recovered. From SMS, telnet to email, whatever sent is somewhere in perpetuity.

Words in binary can say any manner of thing. They can relate a tome written on thousands of pages in minuscule time-frames. A thousand words can be shuttered into being in a moment of weakness, and burn, eternally, into the retina of the internet.

Born, it may be, is the eternal memory of humanity. Lost, of a quality yet to be known, may be the mercy of forgetfulness. Time may no longer be the healer of all wounds.