Saturday, April 13, 2019

Yard Haircut

The day started without much promise. Gray skies and drizzle. Grass giving the single-finger salute.

Load up the truck to haul off some trash. Get to the dump and realize some of the garbage that needed to be loaded wasn't. CO leaking from the truck's exhaust ensures there won't be another trip to the dump, today.

An O2 sensor on Little Red Car needs to be replaced. Instead of just sitting around, waiting to see if the rain stops, why not knock that out? When the computer brings up the codes for the service engine light, though, there are two new codes: camshaft timing and transmission. Great.

Dismayed, I decided a Bic Mac might make me feel better. The Mac was procured, but not before I almost got hit in the drive through line. It was at this point I decided to give up.

Flop down on the couch, sad-fat eat the McDonald's. Wash dishes. Notice something odd coming through the window...

The clouds have parted! The Sun is shining. The ground looks dry.

Four rainless, breezy and comfortable grass-cutting hours later, the grass is cut. Better luck next time, nature. Today, that grass was mine.