Saturday, March 30, 2019

Snake in the Grass

The yard's jungle-like vibe grows. Sunday threatens rain. That grass has to be cut today.

Weekend work keeps the weeds growing for most of the day. Arriving home from work around 4pm, time is already a factor; it takes 3-4 hours to cut.

The sky's clouding up. I have to hurry. A quick trip to get non-ethanol gas for the mower and things are underway. The Husqvarna is cutting well. Progress is being made.

A septic snake, coiled and ready to spring, lies in wait to mess all of that up. The brickwork covering my well pump, right beside the pump house, where it came to rest a decade ago, had been his home. A few months ago, while chainsawing some small trees by the pump house, a limb must have grabbed it and knocked it off. I found it today. Or, should I say, my lawnmower found it for me.

Evil Doo-Doo Snake

About fifteen minutes into cutting, the snake bit. At first, it was wasn't obvious what that god-awful noise was. The grass/weeds were too tall to see the snake in the grass. Killing the mower, hitting the ground and jamming a hand in there, the coiled doo-doo screw revealed itself. It had apparently only taken a couple of seconds to get so wound up you would've thought it was a serpentine belt driving the blades. Instead, it was locking them in a python-like death grip.

Just as the realization of what happened hit, little drops of rain began to fall. "Really?"

The yard must be cut! Angry determination hit and tools found hands. Parts separated. Snake parts were removed. Rain stopped. Grass was being cut within another fifteen minutes.

The only other snag in today's mowing was all of the crawdad mounds. The ground is still a little water logged. Those little waterbugs love that mess. The wheels broke through and spun, once, but I was able to jump off and pull it out by hand. No prob, Bob. Did and done.