Sunday, March 17, 2019


There are things we make great effort to deny about ourselves for no better reason than the fact that some people pointed them out to us when we were young. Usually someone close to you, maybe a family member, but someone who knew you well enough to read your face and body language points it out. In an effort to be less predictable and more independent, we deny it, then spend the rest of our formative years keeping up the lie.

When we get older, we kick ourselves for not coming to terms with those things years earlier. If we hadn't been so stubborn and recognized our talents and predilections in our developmental years, we could've taken better advantage of them. We ask ourselves where we'd be or what we'd be doing if we hadn't played that game.

Everyone does that, though. Some were better at listening when they were younger, but were usually led astray in some other way by some well-meaning person. The very same things that make some people successful when given special emphasis in their lives, might be the very things that make them ultimately intolerable to the type of people they long to be around.