Friday, February 22, 2019

Sometimes, Cars Need a Long Weekend

The Little Red Car I drive to work every day refused to start this morning. The motor never even tried to turn over; There was just a click and all the lights went out. That seemed battery cable related, so I popped the hood and quickly tightened the terminals, to no avail.

Not wanting to waste any more time figuring out what was wrong, I took the old pickup to work. The pickup has around 300k miles on it. It shows. Although it made the trip numerous times over the years, the old truck has become no fun to drive.

The original plan for today was to work a little later. Thinking about the time it would take to troubleshoot the car after the drive home, having to make it to the auto parts store before it closed, et cetera, made me reconsider that plan. In an attempt to gain a little time, I left early.

Another hour in the old truck later and Little Red Car was visible in the garage. A minute later, the truck was parked and the car was running. Turned the key and it started on the first try.

I guess it just wanted Friday off. Or something.