Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Atavistic, anachronistic and iconoclastic. Please accept a most humble apology; it can't be helped. Not that this is something you'd care to understand.

Unless it says, "Da Plane, Da Plane!!!", don't show it off. Nobody really wants to see that. Not an atavistic, anachronistic iconoclast, anyway. That will be the end.

Is it fair to hate before you even know? No, not fair at all. There are, however, signs that say, "Stay Away!" They are often heeded; they should be heeded.

No, collectivists, there is no need for the artifice of adelphotes, et. al. It will be disdained by the iconoclast. The very appearance is vulgar and poltroon.

Gnosis. It can destroy as certainly and absolutely as it creates. That's probably a good thing.