Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Shape of Water

Finally got around to watching The Shape of Water.  Like most Guillermo del Toro films it was dark and visually captivating.  The characters were comfortably identifiable and defined.  Also present was his recurring theme of tortured innocents.

The creature resembled Swamp Thing.  He's the character I found the most relatable.  Taken from it's own time and place, it is tortured by those who have no hope of ever understanding it to learn something they have no hope of ever learning from it, only to sentence it to death.

Ok, maybe that's a little overdramatic.  We all feel, from time to time, that we would have been better suited to have been born in another time or place.  That somewhere there is someone who can save us from our lonely fate and restore us to the time and place where we'd fit in.  That's how I saw it.