Monday, June 25, 2018

One-Eyed Monster

After 18+ years, DirecTV is no longer in this house.  They were given one last chance, last year, to get straight or get out.  Then, this month, the last bill arrived.

On it was a $20 price increase.  Yes, yes... it's only $20, right?  You get a bazillion channels, right?  Well, wrong and wrong.

When the DirecTV tuner was bought for this house, the price per month was only $20.  $19.99 to be exact.  That's for basic channels.  The current hike put it well over $100 a month.

This one ain't gonna do it.

Currently, the Netflix streams, YouTube et. al. are filling the void quite nicely.  The variety is roughly the same as broadcast TV.  The broadcast TV is almost completely unmissed.

Sadly, that won't last.  Football season approaches.  Soon, penance will need to be made to satiate the greedy maw of the cable gods in order to enable viewing of the Crimson Tide.

Humbly, with bowed head, the viewer makes his oblation.  But it won't be to AT&T, the leviathan holding DirecTV.  No, sir.