Saturday, June 30, 2018

Close Your Eyes and Remember

Got a few things done, today.  Changed my lawnmower blades, got new wiper blades and fixed the headlights on little red car.  Made arrangements to replace DirecTV.  There was also a party for my sister's birthday.  

One of little red car's headlights went out last week.  The Fonzee method worked for a few days (striking it with a swift punch), but Autozone has new bulbs for $10, so a new one was in order.  Both eyes now shine.

Charter has a new streaming service, so there's no receiver/tuner box.  You can choose the channels you want as well.  Hope it works out.

It was good to see the family at my sister's party.  Glad I was able to make it.  They always lift my mood.

The first task accomplished today wasn't all that was planned with the lawnmower.  Aside from putting new blades on it, the grass needed to be cut.  I just wasn't feeling up to 4 hours on a lawnmower, today.  

Sleep has been a little elusive this week.  Immune systems don't like that.  Sinuses got a little icky.  Things still have to be done, though.  Sometimes a little work helps the body recover.