Monday, April 16, 2018

Verbal Vomit Volume Infinity

Yup, blogging is out-of-date.  I know.  It was popular a dozen years ago or so but not anymore.  Maybe that's better for me.

It's easier to put your thoughts out there when there's less chance of someone you know blowing it all out of proportion.  Not that I'm at all anonymous with it, it's just no one cares, anymore.

That's kind of depressing.  *Chuckle*

Writing is fun, even if it's not going to be read.  You can go anywhere, imagine any thing and put yourself and your would-be reader in all kinds of situations.  I almost prefer that it never be read so the story never ends or forms some sort of perceptible schema.

I've thought about making all of my blogs post-dated... so they'd post years and years from now.  That way I'd be much older, if alive, when they become public.  So few people read them, anymore, that it's almost moot to think about that, though.

When there was just a website to modify in all kinds of ways, there was a similar fulfillment.  That esoteric alternate reality the internet initially created was a blast.  Links to all sorts of strange, random sites and weird animations... Those were the days.  Sadly, viruses, streaming video and online gaming would make that kind of content very dated and unsafe, now.  Doing new and unusual things was fun, then.  Luckily, before it stopped being fun, there stopped being time for it, anyway.

There's no time for that.  Not then, not now.  There's not even time to finish this