Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Dont Shoot Me, Bro

The Youtube shooter was an islamic, female, animal rights activist.  That doesn't mean animal rights activists or muslims are violent, homocidal maniacs.  I'm not trying to demean animal rights activists, or muslims, by pointing this out, although I disagree with most them on many points.  She was, however, not the person EVERYONE ON EVERY MEDIA OUTLET EVERYWHERE was saying probably did it.

White, right-wing, disaffected male gun rights advocate with a grudge against Youtube for it's recent ridiculous policy change banning videos relating to guns...  That's who they were ALL saying did it.  That's pretty close to who they blame for everything.  They are ALWAYS WRONG.  It's NEVER that guy.  It's ALWAYS some SJW-type who thinks he or she is going to bring on the violent social change, al la Chuck Manson, by firing the first shot.

The guy who shot Gabby Giffords... he loved Che Guevera and supported Obama for President.  The guy who tried to kill the Congressmen and Senators at the annual baseball game... leftist nutjob who wanted to KILL THEM ALL.  The Batman shooter... drugged-out, pink-haired, leftist militant.  Sandy Hook shooter... drugged-out, fatherless snowflake rebelling against his semi-conservative mother.  The list goes on and on and on, and NO ONE WILL TALK ABOUT IT!?!?

I'm afraid some of these wack-a-doos, programmed by too much social media and encouraged by the anti-white, anti-gun, anti-conservative, anti-individualist slant on almost all forms of media, are going to decide to pop one in someone I love... or in me!  Do the idiots in so-called "news" or "journalism" or whatever psuedo-intellectual mantle they wear not realize they are CREATING the very behavior they attribute to the wrong people BECAUSE they attribute it to the wrong people?  I am terrified to the point of just wanting to hide, most of the time.

I won't, though.  I am a free individual.  If some nutjob kills me for being so, at least I'll die free.  I will not be some cowering slob, hiding in the shadows.