Monday, January 04, 2016

When Youth and Blood are Warmer

Just because your years grow doesn't mean you have to get older. Yes, there are some things that pass with the wisdom that age brings... or that should pass... (Such as a belief that socialism could ever possibly work in the real world,) but your ability to find things new again doesn't have to pass. All things should be capable of being made new to you.

Yes, passion is more intense in youth. Everything seems as though it is of such a great importance that it spikes the levels in your emotional state. That's the hormones talking.

Age brings level-headedness, but it doesn't have to end your passion. Some of us wish we could have had more level-headedness in our youth. Maybe some better decisions would have been made. Maybe not. Some of us feel just as passionately about things we've actually had a chance to reason-out.

The cold winds are blowing again. Tired bones may ache, but the mind still works feverishly. The heat warms the soul and brings the rush of lustful youth.