Saturday, January 30, 2016

Time Off

Having a few days off to do the things you've been putting off usually doesn't work out. This week has been no exception. Tractor repair, fence stringing, and other varied tasks were scheduled. Not all were accomplished.

The clutch disc ordered from the internet was not the one delivered. This fact wasn't noticed until after breaking the old tractor apart and trying to re-assemble it with the new one installed. The failure to couple was only noticed just a few bolts away from completion of the task.

Fence work went well, for a while. The chainsaw started and ran well. Hedges cut like butter and the chain remained on the saw for the whole job, no small feat for the little Homelite. A perfect path was cleared for the fence. The sun shone brightly on the lack of fencing materials all day, yet the dearth remained unnoticed until too late to be remedied.

Now, A broken-in-half tractor sits motionless in the garage, an unfinished fencing project dashes the hedge-row. Had it not been for a few times when the ball bounced the right way, the week might as well have been spent in bed. Thankfully, due to a trip to the guitar store, the week was not a total loss.

A new guitar adorns the blog, now. It replaces the retiring SG, which served faithfully for years. After an attempt at purchasing a guitar online went awry last year (which has also prompted a boycott of Gibson merchandise), a shiny new Charvel Desolation sits atop the banner.

The model has active EMG pickups, locking tuners and a bevy of features that this fiddle picker probably lacks the skill to utilize. The sonic range is very versatile, and the mahogany wood makes it sing like an angel or a demon, whichever you prefer. It is also gorgeous. The finish has provoked a few inappropriate touches, already.

Desolation is a good name. It lays waste guitars 10 times its price point. After playing the Charvel, one wonders why anyone would ever go back to the clunky old Gibson.

A short pause reveals many words typed already. Time to stop the clicketty-clacking of the keys and break forth to the bed. Good-night and good-bye, sweet week off from work... I hardly knew thee.