Friday, August 28, 2015

So Taxing...

I looked at my check stub for the last two weeks, and, as usual, complained about how much money is taken out for state/federal/ssi.  I figured up the number of hours I worked to pay those taxes... it was 33!  The first 33 hours I worked were for the government. 

I'm not going to be one of those who complains how some people don't work and get paid from the money I pay.  That's not true, anyway.  The government couldn't tax us enough to pay for all the obligations it has created.  My money just disappears.

It goes into the black hole of government debt.

So, then, why do they tax us?  If our money isn't even capable, at a 100% tax rate, of servicing even the interest on the debt, why, then, are we required to continue to pay it?

It makes no sense.  But that is to be expected from an entity which does nothing that makes sense.  Government authority makes no sense.  It is like an amateurish story written one line at a time by random and mostly idiotic people who hallucinate themselves into believing they know what everyone wants. 

Phrases go nowhere.  Dialogue trails off into oblivion.  Devices, barely started, lie unintelligibly mangled in a tangle of redirection.

What can we do?  I strongly doubt there are enough people who've looked at their check stubs and done the basic math to care.  Half the country doesn't even pay income taxes.  There is naught to do but laugh at the futility of it all and wonder how long it will last before the whole stupid mess collapses in on itself.