Saturday, December 14, 2013

20+ Years of Long Hair

It's been over 20 years since my last haircut of any kind.  I've had long hair for the majority of my life.  I don't think I'd know who I was if I had short hair.

I only had regular haircuts for the period between starting school and 9th grade.  When I was very little, I fought tooth and nail whenever I'd have to get a haircut.  That only usually happened when we were going to be taking family photos and my mother wanted me to have short hair for pictures.  When I started school, it became a requirement for me to keep a perpetually fairly short haircut, though.  Summers I grew it out, but it never got down to my shoulders like it was before I started school.

Then, in 10th grade I began to avoid the regular haircuts, again.  By the time I was old enough to drive, my hair was back down to my shoulders.  I got one haircut when they took my senior picture (for my mother) and one final cut in 1993 when I went for a job interview.  That was the last time, ever.

I don't know why I've always liked my hair long.  When I was small, I can remember it felt like I was having a limb removed when I got my hair cut.  It actually hurt... I remember feeling pain.  Probably one of the reasons I fought when they'd try to cut it.

There was one odd period, in junior high. The fashion at the time was very short spikey hair.  I wanted so desperately to fit in that I practically begged to get my hair cut like that.  Strangely enough, my mom stepped in and wouldn't allow it. 

My hair has never been really short.  I've never had a crew cut or a buzz cut.  Once, it almost happened.  I was an extra in the movie Blue Sky. Jessica Lange won an academy award for this movie.  It was set on a military base, and when we showed up, they lined us all up for haircuts.  I slipped out of the line, balled my hair up and put it in my marching band helmet.  I then went around the hair cutting area and came out the door where everyone who had already had their hair cut was exiting.  One guy on the crew noticed, but it wasn't enough for him to do anything.  He just seemed annoyed.  Long story short, I was on-screen for a miniscule second or two, and very blurry in the background, so it didn't really matter.

I've been asked if I would cut my hair for a job, and I've always said I would, depending on the job.  That's probably a lie, though.  I'd have to be pretty hard up to cut my hair for a job.

The only reasons I'd cut my hair is if something major and terrible happened in my life, or if I started going bald.  I've always thought having a shaved head looked kind of cool, so long as there isn't like a big pony tail in the back of it, or something that looks odd and out of place.  I don't see me doing that, though, unless something huge happens.