Friday, October 04, 2013

GOV Wastes Time and Money Saying "We're not wasting Time and Money"

The federal government has placed 'Website down due to shutdown' notices on all the websites not deemed to be necessary for public safety due, allegedly, to the fact that they won't be funded.  Having worked as a webmaster for a GE website for a decade, I know this to be absolute bunk.  You don't need to do anything to a website once it's up.  You only have to do something if it goes down, and in that case, it could just stay down, since they're in a shutdown, right?  They had to do MORE to put up the notice than they would have had to do to leave the site up. 

If an honest spending halt was to be done, they should have called the registrar and cancelled their registration.  Then, they should have cancelled any contracts with webhosts, who would have then taken control of servers, if those servers don't belong to the government.

Then, they should have placed notices on all of the other sites deemed 'necessary' admitting that they are terrible at protecting life, liberty and property, the only things they should be doing, anyway, and that basically, we're all on our own anyway, and they're just making it official... at least until the DNS entries expire.

Instead, like some protection racket, they say, "If you won't pay us, we'll makes it sos you can't use any of the stuffs yous guys paid foah," while utilizing resources that should probably be illegal to use during the shutdown in an attempt to inconvenience people who actually paid for them.
It doesn't surprise me that a machine politician's administration uses this tactic, but it is funny.  I wish they'd go ahead and shut the whole thing
down.  Then we can go about 'finding new guards for our future security.'