Monday, September 02, 2013

Bully? More like 'Brick in the Wall'

We watched the documentary film "Bully", yesterday.  I believe it should be more aptly titled, "Institutionalized", because it seems to be more of an expose of the systemic flaws with bureaucratic education.  Every person in this film has been victimized by being forced to believe that some collective bureaucracy is the ideal way to educate.  Not only can it not educate well, it can't even provide a safe environment for education.

If you watch this film, and don't come to that very obvious conclusion, you're probably a victim, as well.  The facts are staring you in the face: teachers can do NOTHING, yet are blamed by parents and students; parents can do NOTHING, yet are blamed by teachers and students, and students, themselves, who can do the least of all, get blamed by everyone, while being the most victimized group. 
Open your eyes... it is a systemic failure due to a bureaucracy that was never even capable of being successful at the one thing it was designed to do: educate everyone.