Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Why I Choose Ron Paul

I know that I have repeatedly indicated my support for Ron Paul over the last few years. I've given my reasons for this support, and I've given my reasons why I wouldn't support other candidates. Let me reiterate a few of these reasons for the sake of clarity.

To start, the main reason I support Ron Paul is his consistent conservative message. For 40 years, he's said the same things. You can pull up video from the early '80s and hear the same, conservative values you'd hear from him today.
In the realm of government, I like that he supports the traditional conservative principles of smaller, fiscally-sound, less-intrusive government and the traditional conservative value of sound money. To me, he pushes civilization forward by rejecting collectivism and embracing individualism. He supports the traditionally conservative idea that each person should take responsibility for his or her self.

In his personal life, he represents the strength of the family unit: being faithful to your family and to your savior. I have always been impressed by the way he doesn't act prideful about his salvation, but humbly speaks of Christ in a reverent and respectful manner. This humility is probably one of the things I admire and respect most about the man.

Too many politicians flash their religious credentials, paying lip service while not living the example. They talk about the truth, yet speak in circles and take backroom deals. You won't find Paul doing that. What he says is what he does. Ron Paul leads by example.

He understands that you can't use force to make people do good things. Those good things must come from the realization that personal responsibility requires generosity, and generosity can't be forced. He shows this in the fact that, while he didn't accept government assistance for his patients as a doctor, he would give lower rates and sometimes free healthcare to those who couldn't afford it. He wants people to be taken care of if they happen to fall into unfortunate circumstances, but he doesn't want to use the force of government to do so.

Another big thing for me is that he doesn't compromise away his principles. The rights of man are unalienable. This means you can't sell them, trade them, loan them, or have them taken away... ever. If you compromise any right, you give up the principle that all rights are based upon.

He is willing to work with anyone on anything that doesn't violate his core principles. That is hard to find ANYWHERE, much less in Washington D.C. This is where the true progress can be made in government.

Paul wants me to know what is going on in government. He's pushed for sunlight laws and keeps his constituency up to date on what is going on in Congress. He has never towed the line for anyone if it means violating rights. He doesn't want the cloak of secrecy blinding the people and obscuring their rights.

There are a few less tangible reasons I like Ron Paul. One of them is that he reminds me of a pastor I had back in the late 80s and early 90s. He always pointed out that freedom was more important than picking the winner. I didn't understand it at the time, but, with the benefit of age, I can now say what he taught makes sense.

Another is that he never seems fake. Everything he says seems genuine. It's not something that can be put on a meter and judged, but his delivery and body language seem to be that of someone who hasn't rehearsed what he's saying. It is coming from his deeply-held beliefs.

Every one of Paul's positions seem to come from a core rooted in the Christian beliefs upon which this nation was founded. This core is reflected in the natural, God-given rights of man. You don't steal; this is property rights. You don't kill; this is the right to life. You respect freewill; this is liberty. You can find these rights from the 10 Commandments to the Declaration of Independence.

God ordained this as a nation to be governed by "We the People". It's basic concept is that all people are created with rights given to us by God which can't be taken away by ANYONE. It is plain to see that Ron Paul respects and reveres this notion. Some 'conservatives', who want to rule or be ruled by a President who acts with the power of a king, are destroying the very principles they are supposed to be trying to conserve.

Ron Paul is the only candidate in any party that adheres to the traditional, conservative principles that make our nation free. He's the only one that even comes CLOSE. That is why, in my humble opinion, he is the only choice for President.

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