Tuesday, January 03, 2012

That's 5 Delegates!

Ron Paul's finish in tonight's Iowa Caucus will probably earn him five delegates. Romney and Santorum could wind up with only five each, as well, in spite of having a few more percentage points.

It amuses me, but doesn't really surprise me, that the media darlings Santorum and Romney got a few more votes. Especially with the last week of pumping by the old hag media. The funniest part is that every conservative Republican preaches against Obamacare, yet Romney designed it, and Santorum helped get Obamacare supporters elected. The only candidate who has a history to prove opposition to socialized medicine is Ron Paul.

Santorum lost his 2006 bid for re-election after being named one of the 3 most corrupt US Senators, so he didn't get the chance to vote for Obamacare. It is pretty well known, though, that he endorsed Arlen Specter, who would go on to support Obamacare, and that Santorum was known as a lobbyist's best friend... pushing whatever cause from the highest bidder.

Just what makes someone a GOP candidate, nowadays? Paying lip service to conservative values while bearing a strong resemblance to Al Gore or Bill Clinton? Seems to be the way we're going.

I digress.

If we were going to lose delegates to someone, Romney and Santorum are two you don't really mind having them. Neither of them has a snowball's chance in Haiti. If Santorum is supposed to be the Huckabee of 2012, he did a bad job of knocking off Romney... and Romney just isn't a Republican. Period. Neither of them are electable.

Now I guess we wait and see who the media will push for a boost going into New Hampshire.